Thursday 10 March 2016

A freebie!

I am developing a novel that integrates sci-fi elements with metaphysical, where three races vie for supremacy on an alien planet.

This book is years away from being finished, since I am also working on the Guardian Series, which I wish to complete first. Two more books, then maybe I work on The Predecessors.

However, I find myself unable to leave it alone. Ideas percolate, float to the surface and pop. Sometimes, you just have to write what is there, not what you want.

So, to salve the itch that wants me writing sci-fi (it was always my first love) I have written a few short stories. I am publishing these with traditional publishers, rather than putting them out myself first. However, once published (and once a reasonable length of time has gone by) I will be publishing them under my own house, Nordland.

The first of these is Salvage, and tells of Mankind's first meeting with something quite different from himself. Highly intelligent, aggressive, and more technologically advanced than our own species, the salvage team on a derelict ship come face to face with . . .

Find out more in the first instalment of the series, in SALVAGE. This story is available on and Smashwords. In fact, you can get it for free from Smashwords, while Amazon force me to charge for it. Nothing I can do about that, it seems. Click the image for a free download in the e-book format of your choice.

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