Thursday 4 February 2016

Blog Hunt with Shereen Vedam

Hi. I’m MJ Kobernus, author of the Guardian Series of Urban Fantasy novels, and I’m your host for this stop in the tour.

This is your post for the ACOA Scavenger Hunt and I am pleased to be hosting SHEREEN VEDAM.
In her post you will find a number, not in written text, but as a numerical number. Write it down and collect them all as you visit every post along the way. Good Luck!

If you yearn to take a step beyond the ordinary world while pondering the purpose of life, then linger awhile, because chances are good that you might enjoy this upcoming journey. Shereen Vedam loves weaving stories with a mix of adventure, magic, a light sprinkling of humor and the promise of romance. Below, you’ll get a taste of her Regency fantasy romance novel, A Perfect Curse.  In this fantasy tale, her hero and heroine will be called upon to cast complex spells, defy society's rules, and even brave a perilous journey aboard a gallant tall ship.

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From her book - A Perfect Curse:
“Nevara, why do you want to leave so badly? Are you not happy here?”
She swung around, and then backed up, as if startled to find him so close. Her shoes splashed the Serpentine’s edge and Mark quickly tugged her onto firmer ground. This lake was shallow, but it would still ruin her day if she fell in.
As he held her against his chest, her breath hitched. The temptation was too much. Mark had dreamed of kissing Nevara for years. This morning, he gave into his desire and claimed her.
But instead of pulling away, Nevara kissed him back. Had they both been waiting for this moment of contact? Mark was the one who pulled back first as an alarming sense of danger brought him up for air.
“Oh Mark,” Nevara said, and then she scrunched her eyes as if they pained her.
“What is wrong? What do you see?” he asked, frantic to spot where the danger came from.
“My head is pounding. It is one of my megrims, making everything too bright again,” she said in a frustrated voice. “What rotten timing for my sight to act up.”
Mark’s alarms clanged. Wrapping a protective arm about her waist, he drew her toward the tree where his power staff rested, needing to reach it but unwilling to leave Nevara alone.
A ripple from the Serpentine snagged his attention. He had almost reached his staff when a long green cord, covered with dripping weeds, whipped out of the water and wrapped around Nevara’s waist.
She screamed as he clenched his staff. In an instant, she was out of his arms and in the water. Then, before his astounded eyes, she was dragged below the surface. . . .

Scavenger Hunt Hint:

The number for your clue will not be written in text, but it will be numeral. Tally all the numbers you find during the hunt and tally them together. This final number will be an entry in the Rafflecopter on the ENTER HERE page on the official website - If you get stuck along the way because you of a broken link, please visit the AUTHORS LINK< page

Did you find the number? If you did, then click this author's link SHEREEM VEDAM -  to continue the Scavenger Hunt.