Various videos on YouTube.

Gingerbread Man
When baking does not quite go right, be careful you do not get a visit from the Gingerbread man. A comedy horror short story, narrated by Soliloquy man.

Still the Snow is a chilling story, told in 666 words. What happens if it snows, and just doesn't stop?

Narrative reading by the talented Soliloquy Man.

The Bargain Narrative reading by Soliloquy Man. Ths was a collaborative experiment, co written by a number of contributors. I wrote several parts of this, so I include it here, even though it is not entirely mine.

Revenge is best served cold....

Wyrd Words and Effigies is a digital magazine. Watch the video, then download the pdf.
I have a short piece included called "The River Rolls On."

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