Friday 4 December 2015

An Unorthodox Approach to Publishing

What does Wrath of Khan have to do with getting published?

Well, practically nothing, but if you bear with me, you will see the tenuous connection, and (hopefully) forgive me for hyperbole.

Have you tried to get published and been frustrated by rejections, slow responses or no response at all? Are you worried that you are not doing yourself justice if you self-publish your masterpiece?

Is it necessary to jump through the hoops of agent hunting and manuscript sending and suffering rejection after rejection? Is there another way?

Actually, there is. You might think it crazy when you hear what, but only time will be the judge. Find out exactly how you can get published without an agent, without sending your manuscript out, over and over again. And, best of all, find out how you can make your dreams, and those of others, a reality.

In this article, I explain a little of the reasoning behind my decision not to swim with the sharks.

As Khan once said, "better to rule in Hell, than to serve in Heaven."

There...that was the link to Star Trek. I have an amusing story about that reference, but it can wait for another day. Right now, find out about a third approach to the publishing world that might be something to consider. Or not...

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