Thursday, 3 July 2014


In the last week I have had a frenzy of inspiration. From completing my short story, Ulvøy, to the creation of several flash fictions, notably, Night Folk, The Gingerbread Man and Nana's Magic Teeth.

In addition, another short story was published. This time in volume 7 of Dark-Places Magazine. It is called The Dreamer dreams, and is a metaphysical examination of the entirety of creation, seen through the eyes of a coma victim and a Gameboy which may, or may not, actually be god.

The first short story I ever wrote, Cleopatra's Pool, got a revamp. This has now become a little novelette, and is now in the hands of Zoe Harris, freelance editor and leader of the Oslo Writer's League. I am hoping that after her ministrations, this story could be my first self-published effort.

I have been toying with ideas on how to create a full length novel from this, and I like the idea of a triptych, with the novel being in three sections. The first would be the part that I have now. Time will tell.

Writing has slowed down on my current WIP novel, The Fenrir Virus, but I will be focusing more on this in the coming weeks.

So that is it for the roundup.

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