Sunday, 22 June 2014

Morbid Curse

I was recently given the chance to have a sneak preview of a new e-zine being launched by the amazingly talented Katie Metcalfe. Called, Morbid Curse, it it a very Black Metal centric magazine that goes far beyond the music.

I am not a big fan of the harsher forms of Metal. However, I feel that I have a deeper appreciation now for what the music is about, what it is trying to accomplish.

I can tell you, it was an eye opener.

You can see what it is all about here

I offered my services as a proof reader. And I am very pleased that I did. In one evening I was astonished to discover a whole world that I barely suspected the existence of. I am not saying that I am now a fan of the genre, but recently I have been listing to an Icelandic band called Sólstafir. I do not know where they fit within the musical pantheon but the music is stunning and has inspired me to write. And that cannot be bad!

So, if you are fan of Bathory, or Burzum or Mayhem, then this magazine is for you. But if, like me, you were not really aware of the rich history and culture behind the movement of Death Metal and Black Metal then perhaps you might like to check it out too.

You will probably learn something and it might just astonish you. It did me.

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