Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Flash Philosophy is born

This morning I was awoken very early. I got up. It was still dark. I made tea, and as I usually do, I settled down in front of my mac. I started to write.

I was inspired to write some musings on the theme, 'contemplating death.' You might be tempted to think that this would be a very gloomy doomy piece, but it is not. It is a reaffirmation of life, our place in the universe and the never ending dance of energy that is life.

I sent the piece to the editor of a new magazine and was thrilled to hear back from her later on that morning. She liked the piece, and even though it was past the deadline, she is including it in the first edition of Wyrd Words and Effigies.

You can see more about the magazine here:

I created a new genre today, and it was accepted for publication immediately. That has to mean something. Flash Philosophy is born!

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