Thursday, 20 March 2014

And the winner is...

Last year I was taken with the idea of writing. When I say taken, I mean obsessed. Let's make that clear from the get go. So, last year I got obsessed with the idea of writing and I looked about for something to give me a direction. And I found it.

There was a competition being run by leading Metaphysical Fantasy author, AJ Dalton.

Adam is a writer of impeccable skill, and weaves a complex world in his books. He is a nice guy and can be found in the UK, possibly in or around Manchester. He created a competition to encourage new writers in the Metaphysical Fantasy genre, specifying that "the stories had to be written in the metaphysical fantasy sub-genre, and had to include an inn and various disreputable characters."

This appealed to me, and I submitted a piece. I was thrilled when I was informed in January 2014 that I had won. Adam and I have been maintaining a correspondence since that time, and he has proffered a lot of very good advice. So, on top of everything else, I received some very necessary mentoring from a writer who really knows his onions (This is not quite a mixed a metaphor, as I am sure Adam really does know something about onions...)

You can find the competition page here. By all means check out my story, The Inn at the Edge.

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