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MJ Kobernus is an author, editor and founder of Nordland Publishing. He resides in the wilds of Norway, surrounded by snow and ice, but hales from the somewhat warmer climes of Chicago.

MJ is the author of The Guardian series, a tetralogy that delves into the hidden history of mankind, while unveiling the truth about our place in the universe and the forces of evil arrayed against humanity. The books center on a historian who inherits a mysterious otherworldly being and the terrifying reality of magic and its abuse.

The Guardian - Blood in the Sand is available in paperback via Amazon.

The Guardian - Blood in the Snow will be available from March, 2016.

I am currently working on my first fantasy series. It is called The Guardian, and each of the four books in the series takes its title from one of the four elements. In some cases, you have to use your imagination a bit to see the connection.

Blood in the Sand concerns a teacher of history and his obsession with a historical character; a spy, linguist, and inveterate whoremonger, Sir James Francis is everything that mild mannered historian Philip Entwhistle isn't. His fascination ultimately leads him to the last surviving relative of Sir James' and the revelation of a shocking story of love, betrayal and revenge. Even more fantastic, is the secret that the Francis family have been keeping for almost a century. What was it that came back from the desert, all those years ago?

Blood in the Snow continues where the previous book left off, just a few weeks later. Now, however, certain things that Philip had to do in order to survive have come back to haunt him and he is wanted by the police. Added to the pot of boiling trouble that is his life, is the fact that he must face a deadly being of incredible power; a confrontation he knows he cannot survive. Yet, duty drives him forward into the most incredible adventure and certain doom.

Does he survive? well, yes. More or less. Because he is back again in Blood in the Fire, the third book in the series. This novel is currently underway, and so far, it looks set to be the best of the bunch. Action, adventure, magic, love and yes, revenge!

The story will conclude in Blood in the Heavens, the final book in the series. There is an evolving plot arc over the four books. We discover clues in each that build upon each other until we have a full understanding of the history of the world, humanity, and our role in a cosmic struggle of good and evil.

The Guardian series is set in the real world. There are no elves, dwarves or dragons to be found. One reader commented that it was like The Da Vinci Code meets City of Bones. I like that. Plot twists, turns, surprises and intelligent, character driven action. Who could ask for more?

Except from Blood in the Sand
By the time he saw the blade it was too late. Philip Entwhistle did not struggle as the knife pressed against his throat. He froze, held rigid by fear. Elizabeth Sandwell stood behind him, the cold steel of her athame in one hand, the other caressing his face, all the while humming a tune grotesquely familiar. The words came unbidden. Mary, Mary, quite contrary.

There was something odd about the feel of her body as it pressed against his back. Was she naked? Still humming, she grabbed a fistful of his fair hair. A slight movement of her other hand and warm blood trickled down his neck. He let out an involuntary groan, in equal parts pain and fear at the realization that the knife was no empty threat. Sandwell meant him harm. Right here, right now.

Dozens of gnarled tallow candles littered the floor, their feeble glow illuminating nothing. A shiver coursed through Philip, the candles ineffective against the pervasive chill that sucked both heat and light from the room. Shadows moved, growing deeper. He felt certain there were things in them. Bad things. Watching. Waiting.

About Me
As a writer, I love to explore the darker side of the human psyche, which is why many of my short stories and novels have a somewhat edgy aspect. For me, Fantasy is not about elves and dragons, but rather unleashing our potential as human beings. It is in our transformation from the mundane to the sublime that interests me. This happens because of innate qualities within us, or, as in The Guardian series, because of an external trigger that leads an ordinary man to become quite extraordinary. However, at all times, he is the same, basic, down-to-earth human being he always was.

I have a good number of short stories in print, and some of them you can find for free online.

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