Wednesday, 18 February 2015

NovoPulp Anthology II released

Big news this month is the release of the new NovoPulp Volume 2 Anthology.

This particular gem contains work from myself, and several of my compatriots from the Oslo Writer's League, namely Niamh Brown and Evelinn Enoksen.

NovoPulp is a publisher of speculative fiction and is fast shaping up to be a major voice in the world of Sci-Fi.

I have two pieces in the anthology: "The Dreamer Dreams", a metaphysical story that examines the question, 'what is reality?' and "Watchers" a somewhat satirical examination on the meaning and nature of love: from a computer's perspective.
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Monday, 2 February 2015

Dramatic reading of So Still the Snow.

I recently came across this rendition of one of my short stories. It has been read, dramatized even, by a chap called Soliloquy Man on YouTube. 

I think he did an awesome job, so I put his reading here for your enjoyment. So Still the Snow